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Jul 27 2009

What is a customer?

Following on my post about customer service last week I reflected upon the importance of the customer service experience over the weekend. Businesses need to hear and to learn these lessons!

In my hometown of Cardiff, we are getting very excited by the imminent arrival of a John Lewis store in the new shopping centre.

Now Cardiff is a great city, it has a perfectly good shopping centre but – John Lewis!!! They have a reputation for unparalleled customer service.

I can remember living in Reading where there was a branch of John Lewis. Even the spotty 17 year-old shop assistants had their hair combed and their trousers fastened tightly around their waists so that you couldn’t see acres of adolescent underwear!

As a customer, I knew that John Lewis would rarely give me a bargain price although they would price match other stores in the town centre so I wasn’t being overcharged. Their standard of customer service would make them the first port of call on my visits to town.

One of my business colleagues shared this with me:

What is a Customer?

A customer is the most important person in this firm,
in person, by mail or by telephone.

A customer is not dependent on us ‑ we are dependent on them
A customer is not an interruption of our work‑ they are the purpose of it.

We are not doing them a favour by serving them ‑ they are doing us a favour by
giving us the opportunity to do so.

A customer is not someone to argue with or match wits with,
nobody ever won an argument with a customer.

A customer is a person who brings us their wants; it is our job to handle
them profitably to them and to ourselves.

That is what a customer is ‑ in our business or in any business.

Attributed to Peterborough, Daily Telegraph

What can I say? If you have a business, print this out, put it somewhere that you and your staff will see. Make it a mainstay of your business, not just something to pay lip-service to… Do this and your customers will keep you in business!

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Jul 23 2009

United Breaks Guitars

Let me begin by saying that I don’t know if they do – break guitars that is.

I do know that Dave Caroll thinks they do.

On Radio4 this morning they interviewed this musician about an incident where, travelling with United Airlines, his guitar had been broken and he had not been happily compensated.

Now I don’t know the details of the strory but, according to Dave, 9 months of negotiations about compensation were fruitless so, being a musician, he wrote a song: United Breaks Guitars.

This song has had over 3 million viewings on YouTube, is 20 in the iTunes charts… you can bet your bottom dollar that United are offering compensation and posting their side of the story…

The point of my writing here is the power of social media.

Rightly or wrongly, a musician I’d never heard of, has brought a big corporation into the eyes of a very large public over an incident that would have cost them a very small sum to resolve properly very much earlier in the deal.

Customer Service counts.

Whether your business is small or global, it matters how your customers perceive you, especially if they are less than happy with your products or services. That’s one reason why 100% guarantees on information products sold on the internet are so powerful – they build customer trust.

So, if you want to see how one customer has “hit back”, click and watch United Breaks Guitars – it is very funny – if you’re not United!


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Jul 14 2009

Get a Domain Name That Works Wonders

To make a success selling information products online it really helps to have your own domain name and a website to sell things from. But what name should you buy?!

It really is worthwhile spending some time brainstorming your ideas even before you get ready to search. Try to include keywords in your domain name that are related to the product you’re selling or promoting.

Think like your customer! What are they searching for? What words or phrases do they type into Google or Yahoo search engines?

A friend whose website is about wealth creation figured people would be looking for “get out of debt” or “financial freedom” even “how to build a business”. When she analysed her web stats she found she had a huge number of hits from people typing in “how to make a million”… think like a customer!

You can go to somewhere like and enter your ideas into their search box to see if your first choice (even second or third choice) name is available.

Depending on your product idea, you might find that all the “obvious” domain names are already taken. After a search at, if you scroll down the page you’ll see some suggestions are usually offered that might inspire you further.

Have you thought about adding words to the front of your keyword phrase:
the, my, best, first, top….

Or try adding words to the back of your keyword phrase:
online, club, site, blog, today, USA, UK
these slight modifications can open doors to some really valuable keyword-rich domains.

I registered DigitalProductsToday for a future product range  – not bad but who types “digital products” into Google?? So I managed to grab some hot iPhone related links using exactly the strategies I described. Do you think people search for “iPhone deals” on Google? You bet they do!

You could consider adding hyphens between words – it’s not my favourite strategy but it makes sure your keywords get seen by your clients and by the search engines and that’s what matters!

In internet marketing, if the search engines see your website, your website gets traffic.
If your website gets traffic, you can get more sales.

So go ahead, visit today and start creating some traffic-pulling, keyword-rich domains today!

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Jul 02 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine

Is this for real?

Twitter Traffic Machine is the new hottest product on Clickbank.

Bill Crosby, it’s creator claims to have recruited over 16,000 followers in 90 days, pretty much on autopilot!

Wouldn’t it be neat to automate your contacts with 16,000 followers in any business niche?

I confess I still struggle with Twitter – I have multiple business personalities and haven’t quite figured out how to manage them effectively – but goodness knows, this is a big enough incentive for me to “pull out my finger” and get building a list of followers!

Bill reckons he has distilled 2,000 hours of “playing” with Twitter into 60 minutes of video where he shows us how to automate all the content and relationship management – exactly how do you have a relationship with 16,000 people? Guess I’ll have to buy Twitter Traffic Machine myself and find out.

Can you imagine… if you shorten a URL to make it Twitter-friendly, people have to click on it to see what it is… and if you have even a 1% response rate, that’s 1,600 clicks from 16,000 followers…. impressive. If the sales page has a 3% conversion rate that’s 48 sales – from a single Tweet!

OK Guys, let’s get serious here – follow me please!!!!!

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Apr 21 2009

So What Is An Internet Business?

There are four essential components to an internet business:
1)    Identify a hungry niche market that has a burning desire.
2)    Find a product that will satisfy the desire of your chosen niche.
3)    Create a way of getting your market and your product together – this is usually by building a website.
4)    Drive traffic to your website so that your market will find your product!

And that’s it, Internet Marketing in a nutshell! This can be your business.

When they first learn about internet marketing, many people get started by jumping straight in at step 2 by promoting one of the thousands of information products available at

Now this can work and certainly it is possible to make a lot of money promoting Clickbank products. I’ve been know to make some money myself but for many beginners, this isn’t a fast way to make money.

The reasons for this are very simply explained in this short report: Clickbank For Newbies
This is so simple, it’s scary!!

Making money on the internet is simple – but if you want it to be a significant part of your future income, you need to make it into a business, not just a passing fad.

When you take this Internet Business process two steps further,
5)    Create ways to capture client email addresses
6)    Automate systems to sell to clients again and again

then you have it, an Automated Business System that generates recurring passive income on the internet.

The thing is, there are so many “How to do it” guides out there like Clickbank For Newbies but we just don’t do as we’re told. We have a master plan, refined by experts, we read it – and then do it our own way instead!! But that’s not the best way to build a new business…

So what about you, are you ready to create a business??

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Apr 07 2009

Make Money Online?

You’ve probably heard that it is possible to make money on the internet.

The chances are you’ve bought stuff yourself – books from Amazon, shopping delivered from your not-so-local supermarket, maybe presents for friends and family. Yes, you know people have businesses that sell things over the internet!

You might also know that even in the middle of a recession, internet sales are buoyant. People are looking for more for their money and are shopping online.

The question is: How do you get a piece of the action?
Can you use the internet to make money rather than just spend it?

Actually, it’s really very simple to make money on the internet. Assuming that your house has it’s fair share of books, bought, read and weighing down the bookshelves gathering dust, assuming that you have a selection of unwanted presents that you’d be happy to never see again, yes, you could make money by selling your own unwanted items.

But that’s not a sustainable solution is it? It’s one way to make some money, but selling your second-hand gear is not a business.

There’s been some discussion on the Money Gym email discussion group about this recently. Personally I believe you can create an Internet Business System that makes  a regular, profitable income.

Would you like to know how?

You can create a business that generates regular income, that provides stability and security… and you don’t even need to have a product to sell.

The internet has changed the way we think about business.

Yes, we are all buying more things online, from plant pots to baby-grows – but the biggest thing being bought and sold online is… Information!

Information products come in many shapes and sizes, from free reports to $7 ebooks to secret “how to” seminars costing $4,997 or more.

If you’ve had anything to do with “Internet Marketing” you’ll have seen some of these products. If you’ve been trying to learn how to make money on the internet yourself, I wouldn’t mind betting that you’ve already spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on different products.

I can’t confidently predict that you will have made any money online!

The big problem with Internet Marketing is that, as an uneducated beginner, it seems much easier to spend money than to make money!

I’m going to say this upfront and possibly repeat myself many times.

It is very easy to spend lots of money on learning to make money on the internet and not make a single dollar – if you don’t do it right…

Now this isn’t going to be another hard sell either.
I’m not selling you my brand new, patented, 100% guaranteed magic wand to make money – magic wands don’t exist!

When I first started dabbling in internet marketing I read the hyped-up emails and sales pages, I spent my $19, $47 then $97 on the bigger and better package that would guarantee to make me money – and these packages sat on my computer hard drive as I hardly knew what to do with them.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not blaming the seller and I’m not saying for one minute that the products didn’t work.

The honest truth is that I hardly gave them a chance, didn’t know how.

And then the next guru offered me a different product, a new way, a proven system – and I bought another product that I never used to make a dime.

Unconsciously I was expecting a magic wand or a genie from a bottle to do the work for me – and they never appeared.

Passive income, that elusive promise of the internet world, isn’t un-earned income. It is more accurately, recurring passive income. This means you do the work once and then reap the benefits again and again.

Are you willing to do the work, even once? I bet you are!!!

To succeed in Internet Marketing you really need to pick something and really use it.

Focus on just one thing until it is profitable.

Now that is the best bit of advice I can offer you – FOCUS!

And if you come back in a few days I’l begin to fill in some of the gaps showing you how to create an internet business.

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Mar 27 2009

Internet Marketing Bouyant In Recession

Come on…. you can’t have missed the gloomy news about there being a recession and all that….. the question is just how much doom and gloom can you take?!

I can rarely bring myself to listen to an entire news programme nowadays because of the relentless despair that is broadcast – and, while I’m not doubting that some people are being hit hard and that things really have changed, I can’t believe it’s as bad as the media paint it.

And grudgingly, it would seem that even the BBC agree – or at least one of the economics editors does.

Stephanie Flanders has written in her blog that entrepreneurs in the developing countries, Brazil, Turkey and India included, are talking about the opportunities that the downturn presents them.

Funnily enough, internet marketing businesses seem to be doing particularly well.

The point is, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur in India to take advantage of the internet and it’s opportunities – they are right here on your very own laptop!

So what exactly are you waiting for – permission to start making money?

Actually, maybe what you’re looking for is an opportunity, for a guide, for someone to hold your hand… coming to a blog near you any time now!!

Until then, you could do worse than take a look at My Online Income System from Kimberly Hoffman… this is a simple introduction to the ideas and systems in internet marketing. It takes it slow and lets you learn one day at a time. You might even make money from using it if you follow her daily action plan!

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Mar 19 2009

Making Progress or Just Plain Busy?

I begin many of my training workshops by reminding participants of the value of their time. Time is the most precious resource we have.

Rich or poor, healthy or sick, we only have 24 hours a day and, yes, I try to use them wisely.

How many times are we aware of the ways we invest our time? And the word “investment” is the most accurate because the way we choose to spend our time is a true investment in ourselves and our own lives.

So this last week I’ve been delivering workshops, preparing to visit the Money Gym Property Extravaganza on Saturday and developing plans to launch a new internet business site.

When not directly interacting with workshop participants I’ve been thinking about creating a new product to give away to people interested in internet marketing. Putting myself into my ideal client’s shoes I’ve been browsing the internet to look for ideas – what does my ideal client want?

Can you imagine how the time has flown…
Help Wanted

Yes, I’ve seen many different products, lots of sales pages, a few things I’d never touch with a barge pole, avoided a few websites that my virus guard warned me were malicious and trying to install trojans on my website… but do I have a concrete idea?

Not yet.

And so this reminded me to reflect on the difference between being busy and making progress.

Even though I know I’m surfing with a purpose, this hasn’t been enough to keep me really focussed… I need to know what my outcome is.

Surfing is all well and good but I need inspiration for, and if at all possible, a real product to create whether that is an ebook, an email series or a piece of software to offer…

Time to put my computer away and talk with a business coach I think!

So what about you…

Are you just plain busy or are you making progress?

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Mar 10 2009

My Online Income System

Making money on the internet – an online income system – is often portrayed as “easy money”, by which I mean, it is assumed that once you’ve understood how to make money this way, unlimited passive income streams continue to flow your way for no additional effort.

Many Money Gym clients come saying that they want to make passive income on the internet and a smaller proportion actually achieve it.

Internet income is one of those things that is both as easy as it says AND as difficult as getting blood out of a stone.

It does take some research to uncover a profitable niche. It does take some strategies and tactics for selling your information or products. You then need some way to actually collect payments… and then there’s the technology…

Is it sounding difficult already?

Don’t worry and don’t despair! The internet can be a great drain on your time and resources but can equally be a source of inspiration and freedom. However, to be a successful income stream you do need to treat it like a business and not like a magic wand!

One of the best introductory guides I’ve come across is Kimberley Hoffman’s programme: My Online Income System.

This is a day by day, holding your hand guide to selling information products through Clickbank and article marketing… I’ve looked at the first 10 days of the programme so far, and to be honest, it does a better job than most in explaining the ideas behind selling information products. Like most Clickbank products it also comes with a money-back guarantee…

Right now, I’ve scanned through the first 10 days and sort of stalled at the bit where you’re supposed to write 5 articles a day to promote the product… will let you know what happens when I skip forward.

If I like what comes next then I’ll be very happy to recommend it to my clients – if I don’t… then I guess I’ll be claiming my refund!

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