Jul 21 2009

Wealth will just happen…

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… if you put in the work beforehand!

I was working with a client recently who is in the middle of a 90-day coaching programme.

Six weeks in, that’s half way through the challenge, this client, let’s call her Claire, had reached her goals, and some. These goals concerned making a defined monthly income from passive sources and working towards a defined annual income. The figures – I don’t want to disclose personal details here – but the figures were more than equivalent to the monthly and yearly salaries of a large number of the UK working population.

As we approached our call I imagined Claire being very pleased with herself – and yet, within minutes of our starting to chat it was evident that she was not a happy bunny.

The problem? Well if SHE could reach her goals so quickly they obviously weren’t very good goals, not high enough, not hard enough. After all, this had been so easy!

We discussed this idea… and apparently, in Claire’s world:

We discussed a series of events where, by knowing the right information, being in the right place at the tight time, having the contacts and then the courage to follow up, Claire had pulled off a profitable property deal where all interested parties came out feeling happy and Claire made 20K towards her annual income targets. And in Claire’s world, this was just down to luck, not something she had planned for, not something she had worked at, it was just lucky so it didn’t really count.

We had a long conversation about the role of beliefs in our journey through life and these principles also apply to our wealth creation journey.

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” is the well known quotation but the wider application looks like: if you believe life is hard, it will be. If you believe that you can’t be successful without working a 60-hour week, then you won’t be – and you’ll get your 60-hour week and all that comes with that!

I introduced Claire to some new ideas on the Law of Attraction, setting an intention and taking the necessary actions to support it whilst letting go of needing the goal. This is far more than just wishful thinking. I call it committing to the process while letting go of the outcome.

In her work over the last weeks, months and even years, Claire has been putting in the work, learning about proprty, committing to the process. When the opportunity arose she was in a perfect place to respond.

And this is the key.

She needed to take action. In fact, she needed to make a quick decision and was very fearful at the time BUT, her previous work educating herself about property investment had convinced her that this was a sound deal, the sums added up, the risk was entirely appropriate.

She commited to the action and won her prize.

I recommended that for the next stage of her journey Claire might want to learn how to feel comfortable with working towards success without the hard work, without a 60-hour week…. sound good?

Now if Claire was a member of The Money Gym, she would certainly get a good education in this concept. We need to be both working towards our goal and letting it happen effortlessly. Many Money Gym clients can tell you how this has worked for them…

But for Claire, I also recommended some new reading – best authors I could think of were Michael Neill, Tim Ferris and Joe Vitale: what do you think?

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  1. Alison Grimstonon 23 Jul 2009 at 10:41 pm

    Hi Margaret,

    This is so true for so many of us. Our culture has brought us up to feel that work has to be hard. As a professional, getting all that training under my belt was indeed hard work, and the coaching that you gave me with the Moneygym was amazing and eye – opening.

    In illustration of how far I have come, I met my (medical) business partners for a meal 6 months ago. I happened to be reading Tim Ferris’ “The 4 Hour Work Week” (mentioned in your post) while awaiting their arrival. Comments varied from “How come you get time to read non- medical books” to “The only Honest work is Hard work”.

    Open- minded? Not.

    The world is changing. Life no longer has to be hard toil. And I am enjoying the journey, not to mention the vision of what lies ahead.

    Thank you again, Margaret, for reminding me to allow success to be fun, teams to work in harmony, and the accumulation of wealth and experience to be completely separate from hard work.

    Oh, and I would add “The One MInute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G Allen – as it illustrates leverage so well.

    Love, success & freedom,

    Dr Alison Grimston

  2. Margareton 30 Jul 2009 at 11:34 am

    Thanks Alison,

    I totally agree about The One Minute Millionaire – I think I have 5 copies of that book which regularly go out on loan to people I meet!

    Isn’t interesting how people react though… even when given the wisdom, something deep inside them tells them it still needs to be “hard work”, “tough”, “difficult”, “slow”… if it’s going to be worth doing.

    Here’s to the “let life flow easily” revolution!

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